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Want to buy the original Serge Mouille lights or lamps at KiKi

KiKi lighting is a popular online store, where you can find the original Serge Mouille light fixtures and lamps for different purposes. As a famous French Industrial designer, Serge Mouille started researching & also designing the light fixtures in 1953. Even in today’s modern world serge mouille light fixtures are really very popular among the several numbers of buyers.

Features of Serge Mouille ceiling lights:

When you would like to buy the serge mouilleplafondlamp, KiKi lighting is a right online store having a list of products only at reasonable prices. All the ceiling fans of this brand found at this shop are coming with the washer, diffuser, steel tubing, reflectors, and also 6 sided screw hardware. The following are the most considerable features of the Serge Mouille ceiling fans.

  • Shades are produced in these ceiling fans using the original molds, materials, proportions, and also techniques.
  • 3 arms rotate in the different directions.
  • Every lamp is stamped & numbered.

In all ceiling lamps, the lacquered aluminium and steel materials are used along with the brass in all ball joints. When considering the size of the serge mouille ceiling fans, they are available in different sizes such as 3 head size and 6 head size. You can choose anyone based on your personal requirements.

Different types of serge mouille lamps:

At kiki lighting online shop, you can find some more models of the serge mouille light fixtures or lamps for your home decoration or office needsand they are,

  • Pendant light
  • Floor lamp
  • Chandelier
  • Wall lamp
  • Table lamp

The pendant light is the high end decorative light fixture for your indoor ceiling mainly hanged by chain, rope, or any other metal rod. Table lamp refers to an electric lamp coming with the base to be used on the table. Likewise, different lights and lamps have different applications to decorate your entire home in a better and beautiful way.

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