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The Pros And Cons Of A Massage Chair

As its name suggests, a massage chair is a chair built and designed for providing its user massages. Massage chairs are recommended for people with busy work and office schedules, especially those that often experience sore muscles due to daily stressful activities. It can be time-consuming and more expensive for regular masseuse appointments than owning a Titan 3D Pro Amamedic massage chair. These are large and cushiony chairs that look like recliners. They are designed to provide massages for the head, nape, back, legs, and sometimes the arms. Massage chairs are electrically operated with a motor that makes the built-in rollers and nodes move under the cushions. These nodes start to move in various places strategically set to emulate a massage from a masseuse. The massages last from ten to sixty minutes, depending on the time setting you to choose. Like all other things, these chairs come with many benefits and the disadvantages—a few tips to help you weigh your decision to purchase a massage chair.


Most massage chairs like the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair, come with a built-in adjustment feature that adapts with the user, adjusting itself when applying pressure, depending on the user’s weight. It adjusts to fit your body size and massage pressure. The length of the massage can also be elongated or shortened to your preferred time.

Health Benefits

Massage chairs aren’t just for the luxury of having them; they can also give essential health benefits, especially for old adults. These chairs provide massages that can relax the body’s major nerves found in the spine, relieving pressure, and relaxing the body. Using these chairs also helps correct a lousy posture caused by stiff muscles. The massage strokes are emulated to relax the muscles while the backrest is designed to keep your back straight, encouraging proper posture. Other health benefits include a boost in the enthusiasm that helps with mental stress relief and enhanced blood circulation.

Efficient And Cheaper

Booking an appointment with a masseuse and spending hours getting a massage while spending hundreds for the service is nothing compared to purchasing and owning your own Miami massage chairs. These are long term investments that you can use anytime and for as long as you want. They are designed to give the best replica of an actual massage from a person. Although these chairs are expensive, they are still a good investment and are worth it.

Takes A Lot Of Space

When you purchase a massage chair, you will need a lot of room space when installing it. When it’s upright and not used, it takes the length of a chair as a recliner, but when it’s operated, it sometimes tilts and occupies more space in front and at the back of it. They are large and bulky chairs not fit for a crowded room.

Not For Full Body Massage

Not all massage chairs can provide you with a full body massage. Some chairs only cover the back’s surface starting from the nape of the neck to the buttocks. In comparison, others cover the back of the head to the end of the back of the legs. There are also massage chairs that do and do not have armrests that can massage the arms. Take note that these chairs can only do massages on the back portion of your body and can’t include the entirety of your legs, arms, shoulders, etc.

Final Word

Massage chairs are beneficial; they all depend on your needs, budget, space, and willingness to invest and try these chairs. Find the right type of massage chair at The Modern Back that fits your needs.

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