Singapore- Ranked as first, for the ex-pats!

Though Singapore is known globally for its wealth and extravagance, it became the top nation for the ex-pats because of its strong economic growth and high quality of life. While visiting Singapore, one can somewhat expect renting an apartment as costly, but the city is full of efficient public transportation, cheap delicious food, top-notch museum, beautiful parks atop-notching nightlife scene. 

People who love loving a seashore can manage to have a permanent residence having a seafront. One of the best examples of a seashore facing condo is sea view Amber Sea residences. The Amber Sea location is the most pleasing aspect in the eyes of its future residents. 

It’s good and safe for everyone. If you are a foreigner and want it to be your city, then you must note some of the things. To most people, this city seems to be a breathtakingly wealthy place, where the rich people dress in mansion-size closets stuffed with Gucci, channel, Balenciaga, and frolic about in exotic supercars. But ideally, there are few things everyone notices about this county, especially when he is visiting it at his first:

  • A strong economy and lots of opportunities. 
  • Low priced but elevated quality cost of living. 
  • A friendly populace, that is completely open to outsiders. 
  • Minimal language barrier 
  • Healthy and safe environment
  • Vibrant culture and nightlife. 

Unlike other countries, when you are here for the first time, most probably you will not have to worry about, where you would eat, what it would be like to commute, and how you would make friends? 

Most of the nations have some, but not all the qualities that name a great place for outsiders as well as citizens. Some of the examples are- 

China’s Shanghai has tons of opportunities and having one of the most beautiful nightlife cultures, but the smog may become unbearable. Indonesia‘s Bali is cheap and gorgeous, but if you want to make a living you are most likely to go and try to work for a European or American company remotely, which will limit your options. And the last example we can consider is South Korea, it’s safe and having a great nightlife but friendships and business opportunities can be limited if you can’t speak the Korean language.

But Singapore is different, sometimes astonishing too! 

Amber Sea location @ 30 Amber Gardens in Singapore, is one of the best livelihoods. The climatic conditions, environment, no language barrier, and a pocket-friendly market may be a rationale for you, to choose Singapore over any other place. 

So, if you are looking forward to having a great life somewhere in one of the most developing countries, then Singapore has expertise in that. Visit the official site of Amber Sea residencies and have a detailed view of the project plan. Amber Sea’s linear façade and clean-lined compliments the indulgent collection of greenery and water bodies in the development. 

The lofty floor units can revel in the panoramic lookouts of lush surround whilst. And lower floors can exclusively enjoy the living water terrain on the doorstep. 

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