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Pros and Cons of Popular Wood Materials for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Professional constructors highly recommend wood accessories for kitchen cabinets. These materials are renewable, resourceful, and eco-friendly. It has a natural look that numerous clients desire aesthetic blueprints. Additionally, it is designable. There is no hassle in painting or cabinet refacing naples fl.

Various wood types are obtainable from many merchandisers. It includes:

  1. Hickory Wood
  2. Pine Wood
  3. Alder Wood
  4. Walnut Wood

Each of these materials has its uniqueness in features. Some have similar benefits, while others glow in distinctiveness. Sadly, these wood varieties also contain drawbacks in terms of cabinet refacing.

It is essential to learn about all these attributes. This information will benefit a homeowner in the future. They will learn how these different woods react to regular maintenance and when they will finally replace it after many conventional preservations. 

Cabinet refacing in Irvine is a fast and effective way to update kitchen cupboards. Instead of replacing the entire cabinet, refacing replaces the visible parts like cabinet doors, hinges, and drawers. The frame and internal shelves remain the same. Experts apply a wood veneer or paint to create a new look. This process will give the entire cooking area the appearance of new cabinets without the cost of a new kitchen or remodeling.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these well-known wood materials for cabinet refacing?

  1. Hickory Wood


  • Hardwood
  • Creamy brown (coffee-like) or yellowish hue
  • Straight to wavy grain

This wood kind is the rarest of them all, which is its disadvantage. Its oddity made purchasing challenging since not all refacing companies offer this type. Individuals who only go for classic or rustic kitchen layouts buy Hickory Wood. Fortunately, it is durable and tolerant to any stain kinds.

  1. Pine Wood


  • Lightweight
  • Yellowish or whitish color
  • Has natural brown knots
  • Straight gain

It is the only sturdy lightweight wood material. Paints effortlessly stick to it. Additionally, it is budget-friendly. Unfortunately, its softwood material makes it prone to dents. Dark patinas also generate for a more extended period, which makes it an extra hassle to homeowners.

  1. Alder Wood


  • Hardwood
  • Light tan to reddish-brown tint
  • Fine, straight grain

What several clients desire most about it is its capability not to darken over time. Apart from that, it is less costly regardless of its quality. Its only drawback is it is not as solid as other materials. Another hopeless factor it has is it does not take stains well enough.

  1. Walnut Wood 


  • Straight to irregular stains
  • Chocolate brown (mahogany-like) to light brown color
  • Hardwood

It is one of the pricey hardwoods. It is not surprising since it is persistent and long-lasting. Furthermore, elaborative sculpting is not as tricky as other varieties. A clear finish highlights the grain adequately. 

Learn more about the other wood materials and their pros and cons effects on cabinet refacing in the infographic below developed by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing:

Pros and Cons of Popular Wood Materials For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

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