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Create Perfect Lighting Solutions by Using Lampart Lighting Studio

There are many options available to create a perfect lighting in spaces like luxury hotels or upscale resorts. To create a proper mood and positive emotion, perhaps good lighting services can surely complement the opulence and beauty of the spaces.

With 30 years of long experience in designing and manufacturing various lighting systems, this Ankara-based company, Lampart Lighting Studio can be a very good candidate to offer lighting solutions. As an icing on the cake, the new status achieved after winning the Luxury Lifestyle Awards can only confirm the high achievements of this company.

This company was established in the year 1990, and initially, it was named Modern Aydinlatma. Right from the very beginning, this company had selected the path of continuous development and improvement. 

No compromises were allowed by their highly productive and professional team in their production and quality of service and they always aimed for the best customer satisfaction. In the year 2004, it adopted the brand name Lampart. Also, in the same year, the company received ISO 9001:2000 certificate. 

At present, the company has got its own factory located in Ankara within an area of 15.000 sqm. Within this area, the company is now producing custom manufacturing and also keeping the highest quality standards.

So far, this company has successfully completed more than 500 projects related to luxury hotel lighting.  All well-tested process that is implemented in all projects helped the team to complete every stage of production very effectively. 

To start with, the designers develop all the concept details of correct lighting. After that is making the 3D models of the product as per the specific features of that space. Setting up the entire process, and developing a unique design by the special team for project management proper communication will happen between different managers, engineers, lighting designers, and technicians. 

After the project is completely designed and finished, then the process experts start elaborating on the product part. The technicians will bring together the completed parts during the assembly stage. After that, the complete product gets thoroughly tested to ensure that it reaches the customer without any issue.

Before shipment, each product will be stacked in the boxes by using the right foaming system of the right dimensions. The company has a long list of customers and a few among them are:

  1. Sherwood Dreams Resort in Antalya
  2. Delphin Platinium Botanik in Antalya, 
  3. Elexus Hotel Resort & SPA in Cyprus
  4. Maysan Kurmick Hotel in Iraq 
  5. Millennium Hotel and Convention Centre in Kuwait
  6. Millennium Resort Selale in Oman

The experts of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards had commended most of the company’s realized projects. One impressive example among them is the Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri project. 

In this project, few special glass blocks were utilized in the lobby and each was three meters long. They were finally grouped as per the architectural designs, and each of the groups was illuminated by using a source of light within it. 

One more successful project is the Millennium Istanbul Golden Horn hotel. Here, throughout the interior of the hotel, bed-head lampshades having special cut-glass were used. LED lighting was provided for general technical lighting in the standards of a hotel, after making special calculation. 


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