What is a patio, and what are its different types?

In this article, we will discuss what is called a patio and also where you can get the best quality patios.

Also, we will discuss the different types of patios that you can get from the market are.

What is called a patio?

The patio is a Spanish word, and it comes from the Latin word that is known as Patere.

The meaning of the Latin word when you translate it into English is to lie in the open.

This means that it is a space that is made outside the house, and it comes under the sky.

This is usually a structure that is attached to the house and does not have any walls.

Since this is placed in an open space, you can put up a roof for overhead protection.

But you cannot put any kind of wall around the patio, or else it can be called a shed.

During the 15th Century, most of the Spanish homes used to have these patios.

They usually had the squared structured patios made outside of their house.

Then the Americans copied this style, and they brought this trend back to America.

What are the types of patio?

Given below is a list of different types of patios that exist in the world.

  •  Paver patios

These are the patios which require a very low maintenance cost and also, they are cheap.

It will cost a person around $12 – $22 per square foot of land that they make into a patio.

Another thing is that this is cheap and will take around 3 – 5 days for the professional team to put.

  •  Brick patio

This is the kind of patio that is made gully by brick and only on the ground itself.

There are different kinds of colors that you can pick for these bricks to be more attractive.

Another thing is that you will need the same amount of money or rather higher than the paver patio.

  •  Slate patio

This is the kind of material that most people are using nowadays to make their patios.

This is because this material looks very good and the thing is that they last longer than any other material.

To make this patio, it is like a DIY project as you need to select the space and, according to its features, the color.

Where can you get the best patios?

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The quality that you get from this company is very good depending on the price.

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