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Best Hacks To Remove Pet Odor From Your Home 

We love pets as a part of our family, but having pets in your home can certainly leave an odor. Cats and dogs have their own odor triggers ranging from hair and dander to urine. Dealing with pet odor can be a challenge, even with the best pet odor eliminator around. Luckily, with some quick hacks and routine cleaning, it is possible to reduce or eliminate a pet odor in your home.  

Regularly Vacuum

We know that you are vacuuming the floor as part of your routine cleaning, but to provide the best pet odor eliminator, it is important to vacuum every surface that may contain pet fur and dander. That means cleaning your pet’s blankets, bedding, the couch, and even pillows. The less fur and dander around the home, the less it will smell like your pet.

Bath Time

Part of keeping pet odor out of your home is eliminating the odor right at the source. Often, pet hair and dander can create an awful smell that permeates every part of your home. Bathing your pet regularly can help keep your pet’s skin clean and dander-free and help eliminate shedding. It is essential to wash and brush your pet more often around seasonal changes when your pet may be going through a heavy shedding season.  

Baking Soda

This simple baking staple in many homes can help eliminate pet odor. Simply sprinkle some baking soda over areas with a particular pet odor, let sit, and vacuum away after a few minutes. The baking soda works to absorb some odor-causing moisture and bacteria. Adding a little baking soda to your cat’s litter box is a great way to help control the litter and urine smell through your house also.

Clean Collars and Leashes

Your pet can accumulate plenty of body odor from fur and dander, and that odor can cling to their collar and leash too. Remember to regularly wash and dry your pet’s collar and leash to remove built-up dirt and dander and prevent the spread of this undesirable odor through your home. Cleaning leashes and collars in a simple hot water and dish soap solution should be enough to keep your pet smelling great.

HEPA Filter

An air purifier is a perfect way to help clean and condition the air circulating through your home. Before purchasing an air filter, make sure that it is a HEPA filter. This specific type of filter has a very thin mesh screen that works to trap dander and pet fur. When the fur firmly stops at the air filter, it cannot move throughout your home, causing unpleasant smells. HEPA is a particular type of technology that can capture microscopic particulates, creating the maximum impact.

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