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Pros and Cons of Moving to a City

Are you currently in the search for a new home but haven’t quite determined what type of location is right for you? Perhaps you have always seen yourself living the city dream but you aren’t exactly sure if it will be the right fit. Listing your pros and cons of why you should or shouldn’t make the city your home is a great place to start.


First, when considering buying a home or renting a space your initial thought is how much is this going to cost me? As expected, life in the city is typically higher than other surrounding settings. However, while the cost of living may be higher you can generally see higher salaries seen in the city to hopefully offset the other costs.


If the nightlife or having many different attractions in a close walking distance is on your wishlist, then city life can best meet those wants. With numerous bars, restaurants, and cafes your tastebuds can surely be satisfied. There’s also big events that occur in the city due to the larger venues and arenas. Events such as concerts, professional sporting events, and so on are sure to be occurring on a weekly basis.


In conjunction with large events and more things to do, you can expect a bit of noise to occur. With more people hustling around to get to their jobs or for a night on the town, you can expect noise from large numbers of people and also due to the heavier traffic and closer proximity to the streets.


Living in the city may bring you across some hurdles such as your method of transportation. While some cities, having a car is still feasible. However, that may not always be the case. In big cities, heavy traffic can typically be expected, and parking garages can become costly. If you decide to move to a city, you may decide that taking public transportation such as the bus or subway is more suitable for your needs rather than owning a car.


When living out in the country or in a more rural setting, it is not unusual to have to travel a decent distance to get what you need such as groceries, shopping malls, or to a doctor’s office or hospital. When in the city, you can almost guarantee a majority of your needs are within a 5-mile radius or less.

If you have your heart set on city living and the pros outweigh the cons, check out Philadelphia houses for sale today to begin the search for your city home.

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