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5 Great Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

All of us dream about turning our home into a space fit for the cover of a magazine. From bedrooms to dining areas, even up to the garden, we want to make it look like a haven of beauty. Yet we often neglect to put more on our bathrooms? 

Well, making it more attractive is not a problem. We all know it is hard to make a design for our bathrooms. So here, we present five excellent bathroom remodeling ideas you could do to make your shower area more appealing. 

Remodeling a bathroom is not an easy task. The tiling, fixtures and plumbing work is not for novices. It’s always a good idea to find a good contractor to help.  Here in The Bay Area, we searched online and found the highest rated bathroom contractor we could find online.

Make a bathroom design according to your taste.

It is good to have a bathroom that is most likely connected to your house theme color. The representation of how your bathroom looks represents how your personal-taste is. It will be a reflection of how your house is likely to be.

For those houses that are quite traditional, you can design them using ceramic or wood designed tiles. Lights could also be somewhat less bright, and facilities are in conventional looks.

You can put an advanced design to it for modern ones—facilities that offer a wide array of innovative designs. 

Maximize space in your bathroom area.

Be it a small or spacious one, it all depends on putting everything that must fit in. For small space bathrooms, you can just put the essential things such as a shower area and a toilet. Even having a mini sink will do. Yet if you have a wide-spaced bathroom, you can put more than the first three mentioned, like a bathtub and cabinets. 

Remember, it is not about the size of your bathroom; it is about how you maximize every single space in it.

Choose the suitable materials.

Bathroom designing seems relatively easy, but in reality, it requires a lot more than it looks. Choosing suitable materials is a must to help you save money. 

Quality must also be taken into account. An example of that is waterproof tiles that are durable and safe, especially when they are wet. 

LED Light Designs

Adding a touch of attractive lights could give your bathroom an elegant look. You can put those lights on corners, even on the back of mirrors, as it provides a more appealing look than a mirror alone. 

It benefits a lot as it gives no shadows on a face when placed behind a mirror. Aside from that, it lets you save electricity as it consumes less than putting lights all over the bathroom space.

Prepare for proper ventilation.

It is vital to give your bathroom the proper flow of air. It prevents the unpleasant smell from being stuck inside, keeping your bathroom fresh and odor-free.

It is also good to have plants inside as it emits oxygen while taking in carbon in return. It also makes your bathroom look refreshing for plants and gives your eyes a touch of earthy feels.


Bathrooms are quite simple to be designed as it seems. Some even don’t prioritize their bathrooms’ design as it is not a place to boast for. Yet as the trend goes over the board, we see how bathrooms strive to have that stigma stop. 

Designing a bathroom is already a trend. From colors, a theme, to materials and tools, it is crucial that it must be planned carefully. As we turn this into reality, this is a way to give your house a finished touch equally.

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