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Is the Bartley Vue Condo Right for You?

Bartley Vue, the brand-new project name for the recently launched condo at Jalan Bunga Rampai, is currently still being developed by Wee Hur.

Who is the developer of Bartley Vue?

Wee Hur Holdings Limited was founded by its Executive Chairman and Managing Director and brothers and brothers-in-law in 1980. As time passed, the company has undergone developments by constructing great complexity, higher values, and diversity projects. They established various projects including conservation, heritage, hotel, retail mall, religious, office, institutional, industrial, and residential buildings.

As a contractor with a Building and Construction Authority, the business has achieved the financial status of A1, implying it can tackle any construction projects of any value. The company’s clients come both in the public as well as private sectors.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Condo

Purchasing a Bartley Vue unit has its advantages and disadvantages, like occupancy costs, bring expenses, and staying in a high-occupancy housing community. You must also pay a similar quantity of land transfer taxes on a condo that you would on a suburban home. A gain from acquiring a condominium while still under construction is it’s cheaper than a resale model.

The worth of your condo in the marketplace is currently growing and desirable for you! You are aware that if you’re purchasing at this moment, you’re purchasing an investment opportunity. One more incredible gain from buying a pre-construction condo is that you get to decide on the design and your detailed finishing since your apartment hasn’t been done yet.

Usually, developers let the buyers choose what they prefer for their fixtures and flooring to give their brand-new home a personalized touch. But, certain finishes might be more expensive than you assumed, be cautious of any item that seems excellent. It can also save you money (like laminate flooring that looks like natural wood for illustration.

Pre-launch Condo Units or Resale?

It often takes too long to build condominiums, and your plans change, or you’re considering putting money into a new financial investment opportunity. Another option to get around offering your condo investment is to offer the agreement for a pre-construction condo unit.

As an owner, it means that you can put your condominium unit into the market, but the buyer should also agree to the same purchase rate and terms that you currently consented to. They must be good with what you’ve approved regarding occupancy, maintenance fees, closing expenses, apartment advancements, tax ramifications, and any other things you may consent to when acquiring pre-construction systems.

Resale condos and pre-construction are both great options for people aiming to use equity rather than purchasing another home loan; however, to instantly notice a return on your financial investment, resale is where you’ll find it.

Resale condos also grant the opportunity for excellent liquidity,  you have freedom with whatever you please to do with your condo considering that you follow developing standards. It’s appealing to investors who wish to obtain a rental property as you can instantly relocate yourself or rent it out and work on seeing immediate revenue.

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