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Get creative with custom made louvres

custom made louvres

When it comes to designing, renovating and improving your home, true inspiration comes from all around. Everyone has a picture in their mind of how their ideal home would look, but we know it is difficult to know where to start or how to make  dreams a reality. Louvretec’s  custom louvre installations will help bring your aesthetic dreams to life.

What are louvres?

A louvre is a cover, such as a window blind, shutter or roofing cover, with horizontal slats that are angled to admit light and air whilst keeping out rain and excessive direct sunshine. The angle of the slats can be adjustable or fixed in place. While louvres are still used to provide  shade and privacy to the exterior of a property they provide a home with functionality too in the form of sun, shade and privacy control.

Louvres can be constructed from aluminium (as is the case with Louvretec’s louvre systems), timber, glass and metal. They can be motorised or hand operable or fixed in place.

Louvretec designs, manufactures and installs to your precise design requirements so you do not need to be limited to common marketplace products, but instead, create your unique design that is ideally suited to your needs.

Consider customised louvres for:

Over windows: Fixed or adjustable louvres in a stand off frame let you open your windows still but add a design feature to your home along with privacy and shade control.

Fences: Fixed or adjustable louvre panels can be used as fence infills or as stand-alone fences.

Hinged Gates: Hinged gates come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for pedestrians, vehicles or both combined.

Sliding Gates: Available in a wide range of sizes with vehicle gates being a popular option

Balustrades: Adjustable balustrade blades that can be projected full height to protect any deck.

Chimney Surrounds: Providing a distinctive statement to (usually) the highest and most visual point of the house.

The beauty often lies in the detail. Get creative by imagining how these would fit in with the aesthetic of your home and get an expert to customise them to achieve what you want. Things to consider include areas you want to improve, functionality, purpose and how it can meet your needs. Undertake some research online to start spinning your creative clogs. Once you have, turn to your Louvretec expert to discuss your unique needs and discover how you can work together to achieve exactly what you want.

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