Five bedroom design ideas and tips you can recreate at your new home

We get a sense of euphoria when we visit our new home. A bedroom is an essential part of any house, and its crisp and clean look sets it apart. A bedroom features airy furniture and a muted colour scheme. Bedroom designs should be modern and contemporary. Contemporary design is the type of design which encompasses modern décor, which is fashionable. 

Following are five bedroom design ideas which you can recreate at your new home-

  • Make use of matching wall lights.

If you want to unwind at the end of a hectic/stressful day, you should submit yourself entirely to your bed, and for most people out there, a bedroom can serve as a relaxing sanctuary. Your bedroom is where you will end up spending most of your time, and there is a sudden increase in the popularity of matching bedside wall lights. Many people out there are gaining the confidence to experiment with their bedroom décor. Most people are inclined towards using lampshades in bold and subtle colours, depending on their mood. 

  • Art.

An excellent modern bedroom should be devoid of all the unnecessary trinkets as it is a space to relax and should exude a minimalist vibe. One should emphasize artwork such as wallpaper hangings, posters and paintings. Some people also put up a portrait on a patterned wall. In recent times, Scandinavian designs which favour white have started becoming more rampant over other neutrals. These designs are characterized by neutral colour patterns, wood elements and other antiques, which are the perfect style for any bedroom. 

  • Make use of elevated or raised furniture.

Regardless of your budget, it is a no-brainer that your bedroom design comes down to the bedroom essentials. Hence, one should not follow a specific formula while designing a bedroom, as one should constantly keep experimenting. Elevated furniture is convenient as the pieces are incredibly well-suited to small or compact rooms. Your bed should also have a bed frame, providing added support to your body if you want to lean against it. A nightstand is as essential as a bed, and a perfect nightstand should be the correct height compared to your bed. The type of nightstand you want depends on your style. There is various type of bedroom designs you can delve yourself into!

  • A statement bed.

A bed should be placed precisely at the center of your room as it is the room’s focal point. Before picking any bed, you should try to understand the dimensions and the floor space. If your bedroom is compact and if there is a space constraint, you might opt for multifunctional beds which leave you with the extra space when you are not sleeping on bed.

  • Great quality curtains.

Curtains are the ensemble which serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. However, one should be very careful while choosing the right curtain as the colour of the curtain should blend in with the tone/colour of the bedroom wall colour. If you are looking for contrast combination, you can also place curtains with subtle colours in the bedroom which has dark wall colour. 

Thus, you can implement many types of bedroom designs in your house.


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