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Facts to consider about wet room bathroom

Perhaps it is time to upgrade or renovate your bathroom. Being a first timer, it is quite natural for you to get confused and not know where exactly to start the work from. You can hire the services of a certified Wet room fitters Leeds company. They can guide you with the process, right from start to finish and ensure the work completed by them meets your needs. However, unlike classic showers, wet rooms are uncommon and quite new.

Can you install a wet room at your home?

In theory, it is possible for anyone to install this design at their home. Basically, it is a shower room, but minus the tray. You might require installing the shower screen based on your bathroom size. If you have a small bathroom, then it can protect the remaining space from getting wet with water. You can have the Wet room fitters Leeds professionals to come and check your bathroom and provide you with realistic suggestions.

Difference between shower / normal room and wet room

Insulation is one the major difference noticed between both the rooms. For wet room design, the entire splash area is to be sealed off. This is because, water drops onto the floor directly unlike that of normal shower room. Although a bit expensive, it does guarantee complete waterproofing. The floor and walls are likely to stop leaking or prevent damp from entering the other rooms.


It is the most important factor to consider as like mentioned before is the major difference noticed between normal and wet bathroom. The entire surface needs to be sealed properly along with the floor and walls of the wet room. It also includes the splash area. It is around 0.5m from wet room sides. The sealing includes laying insulation mats, priming, tanking using special liquid especially in sensitive areas. It also includes the entire shower surface with the adjacent walls. To know more you can discuss with the experienced Wet room fitters Leeds professionals.

Water drainage

Wet room installation process is one of the major troubles faced by most homeowners. It does require a good amount of expertise and knowledge. Hence, it is best to hire the best Wet room fitters Leeds company in the domain to undertake this task. They will create slopes to drain dirty water into the floor mounted gutter. You may use standard sloping shower trays to seal the floor well.

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