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Everything you should know about ready mix concrete

To build your house with a concrete mix is not that much easy as you think. It is an adventurous feeling to have created something versatile and has enduring strength. Concrete is a long-lasting material used for a variety of purposes. The mixture of sand, gravel, cement and water is delivered to the site, depending on the project requirement. It is offered in two ways, one is transit-mix concrete, and another one is shrink-mix concrete. If you want your home with something sturdy, versatile, and cost-effective, you should know everything about concrete.

What is ready mix concrete?

Ready-mix concrete is a material used to construct a building consisting of sand, gravel, cement, and water. There are two ways in ready-mix concrete, transit-mix concrete and shrink-mix concrete.

Transit mix concrete

It is a process that takes place inside the truck to transport the concrete. This concrete is mixed up with transit. While it reaches the destination, the mixing will take place. The method of mixing prevents hardening during transit.

Shrink mix concrete

Before transporting, it is partially mixed at the plant. It is similar to the transit mix concrete that is thoroughly mixed until it reaches the destination. This type of mixing allows high concrete to be transferred at once.

Things to consider for ready mix concrete

Here the following things to consider:


You have to tell your supplier what you intend to make or repair with ready mix concrete. The supplier will make the necessary changes to the mix, and it depends on your project.  


Your budget also matters when you are deciding to use ready mix concrete. While compared to other materials, ready mix concrete saves your money a lot. You need to work within your budget so that you don’t strain the project.


You should know about the concrete mixture’s quantity and how much you need for your project before ordering it. If you order too much concrete mix, it will result in wastage and additional cost, and if you order too little, it will result in delays until you replenish the stock. So, order what is required for your construction so that you can fill up possible errors.

Source of ingredients

Ready-mix concrete consists of different ingredients from different sources. You have to discuss with the cement manufacturers about the sources. If the source suits your benefits and needs, buy the ingredients from a well-known market for the best quality.

Test of concrete

 You can check the feasibility of concrete by carrying out a slump test. The slump test mostly depends on the condition of placing and the requirement of the degree of workability. It is specified that the dealers have test facilities at their premises to carry out routine tests.

Final thoughts

The use of ready mix concrete is increasing day by day with a tremendous environmental cost. The things mentioned above are essential while you are planning to build a home. Know about the ready mix concrete; consult a dealer to choose the right ingredients.


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