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Building A DIY Inground Swimming Pool

Have you been thinking about installing a swimming pool in your backyard? Doing it yourself can be a great option to save money and learn some new skills. This article will cover what you need to know before beginning a DIY inground swimming pool, as well as some of the projects and their costs.

Right from the start though, I would always recommend hiring a pro but if you feel you have the skills, read on.

First off, this guide is going to assume you already have a yard and that you are aware of the rules and regulations. We will be covering the consideration of safety, preventative measures and even some water chemistry as well as the basics of forming and running a swimming pool at home.

The first thing you need to decide is what size of area do you want your pool to cover? The area needed for a swimming pool varies on many factors including the shape and size.

Determine the Size of your Swimming Pool

You need to use a tape measure or measuring stick and walk around the area you wish to have your pool. The total square footage will give us all the measurements we are going to need. You will need to decide if you want a rectangular or oval shape. Some of the factors that come into play are the yard space available, sunlight, access by car and house and where you want your pool features positioned.

The next step is going to be deciding on the depth. Most inground swimming pools are going to have a starting depth of 3 feet and some will be deeper than that. Again, each pool owner has their own preferences.

You need to lay out your design based on the size we determined above and where you have decided your features are going to be positioned.

Prepare Your Property

Once you have your design set, you are going to need to remove the grass in the area. The grass needs to be trimmed close to the surface and loose dirt needs to be removed as well. At this point, it also a good time to check for anything that could hinder your design such as:

Start Digging!

You will need to get some help for this part. If you are digging the pool by yourself and in a hurry, it is going to be really hard to finish on time. You need to dig your hole in the shape of a square or rectangle, about 4 feet deep.

Make sure you have your contractor grade liner and fold it over several times so that its easier for you to place into the hole.

Once your hole is dug, you can start putting the liner into place. If you are using a contractor grade liner, it will be the exact size you need. For other liners that are smaller or larger, you will have to adjust your plan accordingly.


In closing, you will want to make sure you are prepared for all the work that is going to happen when you decide to do it yourself, but once you get it finished and filled with water, each morning and evening after work will help you unwind and enjoy your back yard retreat.

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