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 Banana Peel Fertilizer

In garden the most important thing is growth of Plants. Also shining look of plant is important. Sometimes you bring a plant from Nursery but it start wilting and show different spots on its leaves. If you provide essential nutrients to plants continuously then plants become healthy and show fast growth. Here we are going to discuss Banana liquid fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer are more beneficial than solid fertilizer because liquid fertilizer easily untaken by plants roots. And they show fast and better results. Here we will discuss procedure for making this useful and nutrients rich fertilizer.

Banana Peel

Banana peel is rich source of Potassium, Magnesium, fiber and Vitamin B. These all nutrients are very important in plant growth. There are number of method to use Banana peel for plants in Garden. You can directly add banana peel into garden soil.Also you can use add it in compost pile and compost Tea. Banana peel powder can also be used for Plants growth. Banana liquid fertilizer spray can be directly applied to the plants leaves.

How to Make Banana peel Fertilizer

Just take a bucket and fill it water .Add banana peel in this bucket as many as you can add.Afterthat keep it in swunlight.The banana peel fertilizer will take one week or more to completely prepare.Afterthat you can store this banana liquid fertilizer in plastic bottle and apply to the plants. You can add this fertilize to the plants regularly. It will give a plant very unique shape and fast growth.

Time of Application

Banana peel fertilizer should be applied in morning. During foliar application Leaves absorb more nutrients when stomata open .Also roots absorb liquid fertilizer immediately as compared to solid fertilizer. During blooming and fruit setting this fertlizer can play a vital role in more flower blooming and more fruit setting in the plant.

Benefits of Banana peel Fertilizer

Just keep in mind that Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are the major Nutrients. These Nutrients are needed in large amount for optimum growth of plants. Nitrogen makes plants foliage growth fast while potassium make plants growth balance both vegetative growth and reproductive growth.Phophrous play a vital role to make roots of plants more efficient to obtain nutrients from soil.

  • Potassium in banana Peel fertilizer make plants growth Balance and Fast. Also it makes plants immune system strong so that it compete harsh environment such frost in cold season. Water and other solvent movement in plants can be improved by potassium. If you have fruiting trees in your garden then you can enjoy more sweetness in your fruits by applying banana peel. Because of Potassium presence in peel.
  • Banana peel fertilizer contain Magnesium which is involved in chlorophyll and protein synthesis. Magnesium Also make plants resistant to several disease.
  • Banana peel fertilizer contain vitamin b6 which improve functioning of different enzyme in plants.
  • Banana peel fertilizer also contain some fiber and protein which are beneficial for plants growth. Amount of Potash fertilizer requirement in plants differ with growth stage and also with it vary from plant to plant. Some plants are called Potassium loving plants. Some plants do not need Potassium for their growth.

Potassium Loving Plants

Potassium loving plants are those which are commercially important for their fruits. Like we can say Tomato, Squash, Potato, Strawberry and Sugar beet.Potasium is involved in metabolic pathway of Carbohydrates synthesis that’s why when you apply Potassium fertilizer at fruiting stage fruit tend to be sweeter.Potasium deficient plants show symptoms of brown spots on leaves and yellow edges of leaves. Also these plants have poor root network and low quality fruit set.

Keep in mind Banana peel do not contain nitrogen but it contain Potassium which means it have more positive effects on fruiting plants and vegetable. Like tomatoes need more Potassium.

Precaution during Fertilizer Preparation

  • Never use rotten peel of banana for fertilizer
  • Use clean and fresh water
  • Banana peels must be soaked completely in water
  • Bucket of banana peel must be placed in sunlight.
  • Completely shake bucket after two to three days.
  • Must wait 7-10days for fertilizer being ready to use

Comparison between synthetic Fertilizer and Banana peel fertilizer

Synthetic fertilizer are very expansive but Banana peel fertilizer is very cheap and very effective. Synthetic fertilizer usually take long time to release while Banana peel fertilizer reach plants roots easily and available to all plants parts. Synthetic fertilizer usually make soil pores close which makes soil texture stiff while Banana peel  fertilizer makes soil structure and texture more suitable for plants growth.


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