All rooms within the household are important, but the most essential area within the house is the bathroom also known as the lavatory. It contains bath fitters, a bath or a shower – often both, a toilet, and a sink. This area is where individuals within the household do hygienic activities. Such as showering or washing off any dirt or germs from the body. 

However, back in the 3000 B.C (Before Christ, hygiene is not in the people’s mind yet. Persons in that era only believes that water is a purifier for both body and soul. It is utilized for washing any evil spirits lingering in one’s body and soul before entering a sacred place like churches. That’s why it is recorded that communal bathrooms are part of a village or a town.

The 19th century was the first-time people thinks of hygiene. This epoch is where individuals are afraid of any viruses and germs, considering the 19th period is the time where smallpox, typhus, and yellow fever exists. The third plague pandemic arose in China and spread worldwide in the 1890s. People are afraid of viruses and bacteria. 

For this reason, houses with different and numerous rooms are already built. Bedrooms for each member of the household, a kitchen for preparing cooking meals, a living room where visitors stay, and a bathroom as an area for doing daily hygiene activities.

With the modernization that the 21st century has, some people are utilizing the bathroom as their dresser room – most especially those busy individuals who have a massive lavatory. Others are even using the restroom as storage for medications, cosmetics, pieces of jewelry, and electronics. 

However, researchers have found that some essential items shouldn’t be put within the bathroom. Know these 7 specific products on the infographic below brought to you by DURACARE Baths, the most recognized company in remodeling a bathtub to shower and installing a bath fitter shower.

7 Essential Items You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Bathroom Duracarebaths


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