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6 Things to Remember before Replacing your

Kitchen Sink

Sometimes, you just really feel like giving a new look to your kitchen, but there are times that you keep getting a clogged sink that you know you need to replace it with a new one. Whatever your situation is, you landed in the right place if you’d want to have a sink replacement for your home.

Today, we’re going to talk about six things to think about before starting that exciting project of replacing your sink.

Do you need a professional plumber to handle the job?

If you’re planning to replace your kitchen sink, think first if you have someone in your house or a relative who is well-acquainted with plumbing jobs. He might be able to replace your sink with a simple help from DIY videos.

If you don’t know anyone whom you can trust to do a good job in replacing your sink, you better call a professional. You wouldn’t want to face the consequences of a messy sink replacement job in the future.

How many sink do you need to replace?

Since you’re calling someone to handle a sink replacement work, better make the most out of this opportunity. Check the condition of the other sink in your home, and replace them too, especially if they’ve been clogging a lot or if they’ve been there for many years.

What type of sink would you like to have?

It’s good to ask yourself the purpose for your sink replacement. Obviously, you want a well functioning one that doesn’t clog too often, and does the job effectively. But you might also want a stylish sink that complements the design of your kitchen.

What sink material do you prefer? Ceramic, stainless steel, or cast iron? What sink style fits your kitchen best? Top mount, bowl-type, or an island sink? There are many things to consider in terms of the style and type of sink that you will choose. Here are helpful lists that you can look at.

Which accessories do you like to add?

When you hear the word sink, what item comes out of your mind? Most people would say, the exact sink vessel that will be attached to the kitchen island or countertop. But more than the sink, there are different accessories that you should consider, like the faucet, the soap dispenser, the sink drain, and innovative add-ons like a glass rinser and a sponge holder.

Look up for sink accessories that you can purchase before calling a plumber to do the replacement work.

Be prepared for additional costs

Talking about accessories, you also need to be prepared for additional costs when you hire someone to do sink replacement.

The plumber may discover a leaky pipe underneath your sink or a problematic p-trap that needs to be replaced. They are different plumbing jobs that are charged separately.

In the process of sink replacement, the pro may also find out about a sewage-related issue. Keep in mind that every plumbing part of your home is connected to a sewer line. When disconnecting pipes to install a new sink, some issues related to the sewerage may also surface.

Prepare a buffer on your budget before hiring a plumber.

Do you have other plumbing issues you want to be taken care of?

The last consideration that we suggest you make is to figure out if there other plumbing-related issues that you want the professional plumber to take care of.

Your toilet bowl may be more than a decade old and you’re always encountering clogging. Your shower screen, water heater, or shower head may be rusty now. Your bathroom faucet may have been leaky for some time now.

Inspect the other plumbing components of your house and see if there are other replacement or repair jobs that you want to be taken care of. You may want the plumber to handle all these things all at once.

Now that you have all these things to consider, sit down and think about them. Talk them over with the other members of your household if needed. It will save you a lot of trouble if you make the right decisions on these things before calling a plumber for a sink replacement job.

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