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Is your Water Heater Failing? These are the Possible Risks it may Carry

There might come a time when you notice your water heater is acting strangely. Even the best tankless hot water heater on the market can sustain enough damage to make it risky. From the presence of rust to odd loud rumbling, here are the possible risks of a failing hot water heater.

Sudden Changes in Water Temperature

Your water heater’s inability to consistently deliver the right temperature is inconvenient and harmful. Erratic changes to the water temperature may result in the unit blasting scalding hot water, which could lead to painful burns. Cold water may also come out instead if the heating element is dysfunctional.

Potential Explosion

While unlikely, a leaking water heater may accumulate excessive pressure, leading to a tank explosion. This is perhaps one of the fatal risks of a faulty water heater – not only can this incident cause serious injuries, but an explosion will also destroy your property.Contact a professional immediately if you smell the odor of rotten eggs, hear strange noises, or notice a malfunctioning pressure valve.


One dangerous phenomenon that may occur in broken water heaters is back-drafting. In layperson’s terms, back-drafting happens when gases from the heater are not properly ventilated andcirculated back into your home. Often, these gases are difficult to detect unless you watch out for the following:

  • Signs of corrosion at the top of the tank
  • Melted plastic on the draft hood
  • Condensation buildup in the water heater tank
  • Warm, moist air coming from the draft hood

Back drafting is dangerous to the occupants of a home, so be sure to check and replace your heater if necessary.

Water Contamination

Do you see discoloration in your water whenever you turn the shower on? 

Leaks in your water heater’s pipes might result in water contamination, most likely due to rust. Cracks may also allow bacteria to contaminate the water supply. You should not bathe in rusty or dirty water since it might cause skin infections.


A common and dangerous risk presented by defective water heaters is electric shock. Water is an excellent conductor, and any leaks that might touch an electric source can injure you. Should you see a leak, avoid damp areas and seek help from a professional just in case the water has come into contact with wirings.

Steer Away from these Risks ASAP!

It is great to be aware of the dangers of a failing water heater as early as possible, but how can you tell if your water heater is no longer doing well? Be sure to check out this informative blog Rheem Philippines has written about the symptoms of a bad water heater.

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