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I Lost My House Keys! Should I Change My Locks?

Security is a crucial aspect of all Australian homes. From wildlife to nasty blokes who wish to intrude on your haven, plenty of dangers out there wait for you to slip up! You can have the best security in the world and what money can buy, but there will always be the human factor. Minimising risks and using all your tools to gain the upper edge is how you keep your home safe! When the unforeseen happens, there are still plenty of steps you can take! In the unlikely event that you’ve lost the keys to your home, here’s what you can do to keep safe, and remain calm.

1. Have a Backup plan

Having a Plan B when your home security is compromised is exactly the reason why you should think ahead. Keep a spare set of keys hidden somewhere around your home. A car is a terrible place for a backup plan as the car can get stolen or broken into. You can buy a safe box to put your spare home, car and other keys, in and then bury it in your backyard, somewhere where only you know. Or you can keep one spare set with a neighbour you trust or a close relative. That way, when things go south, you can at least still have access to your property. These small investments save money when compared to the alternative. Remember that any investment in your home safety and backup plans is worth its weight in gold.

2. Install Smart Home Security

Digital safety systems are there when the human element fails. Modern security systems can even exist without the need for a lock. When you lose your keys, the first thing to do is reach out to a verified and efficient locksmith from Sydney and inform them of the situation. While this situation may seem tragic and unsalvageable from your end, professionals deal with them daily and know which steps they need to take. They will also point out the need for a digital form of home security, where you don’t have to rely on physical items like keys.

3. Not everything is a danger

Level head approach to the situation where you keep both feet on your ground and realistically access the situation, will save you a lot of hustle and money. First, where do you think you’ve lost your house keys? If you are somewhere abroad, on a different side of the world, you are most likely safe, as they have probably fallen into a crevice or are already in the trash.

Even if you are in your country, several hundred kilometers away from home, there is little to worry about. What you should ask yourself is if your info is lost with your home keys. If you’ve lost your entire wallet, or have some personal info written or attached to your keys, then you should change your locks, as potential robbers can trace back the keys to your home. If your home is a mobile home, you are safe in any case. People tend to look at homes as stationary objects, fixed to certain locations.

But modern Australian life has opened its doors to modern mobile homes, and with them comes security. They are impossible to track, and even if you lose your keys, what is a potential robber to do? Chase you down the highway? While we admit that losing your home keys is not pleasant by any means, taking a deep breath and thinking things thru will lead to a better outcome than blindly panicking and raising all alarms!

Safety first! That’s the golden rule in life to which we all try our best to adhere. Our homes represent the bastion to which we return every day. We design them for comfort and safety. For us, and our entire family, it is what stands between safety and the dangers of the outside world. Making sure that each aspect of that safety is taken care of, from systems to keys, is how you stop potential burglars from intruding on your haven. The more precautionary steps you take, the safer you will be! Backup plans, professionals at the speed dial and a level head keep your home safe!

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