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How to Get Rid of Rats in the Garden

Get Rid of Rats in the Garden

Rats are unwelcomed guests of our gardens. From spreading diseases to burrowing in the tidy soil bed, they are a nuisance of creatures. Every gardener and garden enthusiast must have encountered them once in their lifetime. While garden rats are very hard to get rid of, there are several effective methods to get done with them once and for all.

Keep Food Out of the Garden

Who keeps food in the garden? Most of us do. Rats are generally not very picky about what they eat, flow flower seeds to pet foods, they eat whatever they can get their hands on. Feed the birds and pets somewhere else if you have a rat problem in the garden. The left-away foods are like buffets for rats.

Keep Your Garden Tidy and Clean

Rats love covers. The huge grasses and fertilizer sacks make the best of cover. Keep your garden as tidy as possiblesays London’s Conquest Pest Controland don’t let the dry leaves, soiled flowers keep accumulating on. Spread them around the garden to make the best possible compost out of them.

Move objects around and Introduce New Ones

Rats are “neo-phobic” – they fear new things. Introducing new things around the rat burrows might scare them off to new locations. But it’s not likely that the rats will leave you as easily, you need to keep the other pieces in cognizance too.

Don’t Let Them Near the Buildings

Buildings are comfortable for rats. Gardens get chilly in winter, they look for warmth inside the walls. Block their passage to the buildings near your garden.

Blocking the Source of Water

Mice can survive without water for days, but rats can’t. Withdrawing the water source for some days may get rid of the rats from your garden.

Get a Pet

Dogs are extraordinary hunters if trained, cats have an instinct to kill rats. But for a small cat, it’s gonna be tough to kill a rat and they might even hurt your cat. Training a dog is the best bet to get rid of the rats from your garden.

Pest Control

There are several professional pest control services available to control the exponential increment of rats in the garden and house. But, talk to them before appointing them to discuss the use of poison and traps around the garden. It’s possible to harm your pets and wild birds by using pesticides in the garden.

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