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How is switchable privacy glass an effective way to ensure privacy?

Glass is one of the materials commonly used in modern buildings due to its many benefits. It gives the structure amazing aesthetics from the indoor and outdoor perspectives.  Glass is also used in the construction of energy-efficient buildings, and open space offices prefer glass partition as it enhances productivity in the workplace. 

One of the shortfalls of glass structures in buildings is the lack of privacy. To resolve this challenge, architects and interior designers use frosted glass in locations where privacy is required.  However, this means completely sacrificing the beauty of transparency to achieve privacy. 

Smart Glass products offer a practical solution to the privacy challenges of glass structures. Advancement in nanotechnology led to the invention of smart glass that changes from opaque to transparent state when exposed to electricity.  This dynamic property becomes an effective tool that building professionals leverage to resolve security and privacy shortfalls of glass building structures. 

We shall discuss some ways through which smart glass structures enhance privacy in homes and workspaces. 

Conference Room Privacy

One of the locations in an office that demands privacy is the conference room where meetings are held. It’s uneasy to hold meetings under the glaring eyes of other staff members. Using curtains in the conference room is not only cumbersome but reduces the glass aesthetics. Installing a smart glass partition in the conference room is an effective and simple way to achieve privacy on-demand. A simple flip of the switch or remote device converts the conference room partition into its frosted state to keep intruding eyes at bay.

Home Privacy

Glass structure in homes is amazing, allowing natural light to filter into the interiors and helps with energy efficiency. However, passersby can look into the building interiors easily, causing privacy and security concerns. Having smart glass installed as glass walls, windows and doors give the occupants complete control over their privacy. This is especially so for areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms.  Smart glass installed in such locations is an excellent way to maintain privacy without compromising on views.

Office Space Privacy

Modern offices that use open-plan spaces with smart glass partitions enjoy lots of benefits such as natural lighting and easy access to visual supervision. However, it would be beneficial to give the staff members the luxury of some needed privacy during break hours. Moreover, specific locations in the office such as the server room, control rooms generally require privacy security anyway.  Smart glass can be installed to frost the glass partitioning in specific places to provide privacy when the need arises. 

Privacy While You Relax

Many homes build glass structures as conservatories in outdoor locations for relaxation and other purposes. Such places give access to the luxury of outdoors and protect the occupants from the effects of harsh weather. Installing smart glass in this space can make it multifunctional; once privacy is activated, the space can be used for any other purpose as the occupants desire.

As you can see, smart glass can bring privacy to any location. Whether you need to build a new structure or convert an existing one, our smart glass professionals can help you achieve your privacy objectives. 

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