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Get Rid Of Rats On Vancouver Island With Old Island Pest Control

Rats On Vancouver Island

What is it about rodents that people despise so much? Is it that they are unclean? Or perhaps because their beady eyes send shivers down your spine, and you can sense that you are being watched? Whatever your reasons are, rodents are frowned upon in many societies, and they can cause significant disruption and inconvenience when they enter our homes. One of the most concerning attributes of rodents is that they carry multiple diseases that are harmful to humans. Whether you come into contact with their droppings, urine or saliva, you can easily contract a deadly disease. To avoid situations like these, and if you struggle with rats on Vancouver Island, you need rat remediation services from Old Island Pest Control. Rat remediation removes a rat infestation provides professional cleaning after eradication to disinfect your home, so you are safe from harmful bacteria, cross-contamination and disease.

Rats are sneaky little critters, and they may leave no trace behind that they are living in your home – rent-free! Unfortunately, there are many consequences to housing a family of rodents in your home, and you have surely already encountered many of these consequences at one point or another. 

How Do I Know If I Have A Rodent Infestation?

If you have come across some odd sights, smells and noises but have yet to see a rodent; chances are, you do have rodents. Rats and mice generally do not want to be seen, which is why they are most active at night. Since people mostly only believe what they see, they might deny a rodent infestation even though it is exactly what their home is plagued with. Take a look at these signs of a rat infestation in your home:

  • Droppings – rats and mice can leave up to eighty droppings a night, and they are usually scattered along a wide area. Droppings are small and black and are sometimes mistaken for dirt, but droppings are a major contributor to spreading disease. 
  • Greasy smudges – if rats or mice have established a burrow in your home, you may notice greasy smudges from their fur along walls, skirting and floors where they have a regular route. 
  • Urine – rodents urinate wherever they go to keep track of where they have been and leave messages for other rodents. The smell alone will be enough to tell you that you have an infestation on your hands. 
  • Scratching noises – as scary as it is to hear noises coming from the attic or the walls, it is probably just a few rodents doing their business in the quiet of the night. 
  • Nests – you may find rodent nests in unused lofts, basements or attics. Rodents use easy to shred materials to build their nests, such as newspaper or fabrics, so shreds of these materials laying around may help you to identify a nest.
  • Dead or live rodents – Since rodents prefer to go unseen, spotting one in the daytime may be a clear indication of a heavy infestation.
  • Strong urine smell – you think cat urine is bad? Wait until you get a whiff of rodent urine. In heavy infestations, you will notice a strong ammonia-like smell permeating through your home. Unfortunately, the smell lingers, and it may be noticeable for a while after the infestation has been removed. 

If you have an infestation in your home, then you will have experienced at least a few of these signs. If you need help eradicating an infestation of rats on Vancouver Island, contact the professionals for fast and effective rodent remediation. 

Old Island Pest Control is the leading specialist for rat remediation and offers expert services to all of its customers. Contact us to find out more about our services or visit us online to make a booking. We look forward to hearing from you.

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