Cardboard Shifting Boxes Vs Rental Plastic Boxes – Which of the Two is Better? 

It’s OK to not think too much about the type of box you should use when you’re shifting just an item or two. However, not thinking about what’s going to be better when shifting an entire house or office is sheer foolishness. Many people believe that cardboard boxes are still the best and only ways to shift items between places. However, that is not the case anymore. 

If you’re in Quebec and you have to shift from one place to another within the city, rental boxes like the GoBac boxes are better options. Find out why it is so in the guide below. Dive in! 

3 Benefits of Using GoBac Plastic Boxes Over Cardboard Boxes 

It’s natural to discard the idea as soon as the word plastic comes into the picture. However, if you think about it for a minute, plastic in this case is better.

  • These boxes are not thrown away. The company rents out these boxes, collects them from the customers, and rents them out again. Hence, there’s no damage being done to the environment whatsoever. 
  • Cardboard boxes, on the contrary, are derived from wood. It means you’re using something that’s been made by cutting down trees. Now, that’s harming the environment! 

That being said, other than the fact that GoBac boxes are better options for the environment, many other reasons that they’re far better than cardboard boxes are as follows. 

  1. Packing With Them Is Easier

You don’t have to put layers and layers of tape to seal GoBac boxes since, unlike cardboard boxes, they have a proper latching and locking system. It eliminates all the complexity and stress that otherwise comes with packing. 

  1. They Will Cost You Much Less Than Cardboard Boxes

This isn’t a bogus claim. GoBac plastic moving cartons really do save a lot of money in the following ways. 

  • Your delicate items will not break while shifting because these boxes are very strong. 
  • You won’t need as many of these boxes for packing as you would have needed if you were using cardboard boxes because they’re much bigger than cardboard boxes. 
  1. They’re Least Stressful Options

You don’t have to sweat it out wondering how to get rid of them; that’s otherwise the case with cardboard boxes. The company that rents them out also collects them from your new address. 

Make a note, each GoBac carton is fully cleaned and disinfected before it is delivered to you. You can check out the Cartons de déménagement GoBac website to find out all the other details that you might want to know before booking the boxes. 

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