Are There Any Commercial Roof Leak Solutions?

When your roof leaks, do you pretend you did not see it or are you the type to put on your boots and grab your ladder? A commercial roof leak is a guaranteed way to make it worse. So, you must have a scoop on what you need to do to stop leaks.

D’Angelo & Sons offers a range of commercial roofing solutions with many years of experience, including roof waterproofing solutions. We can provide you with information on what is the temporary way to stop roof leaks—and how can permanently solve the problem.

Stop Roof Leaks in Heavy Rain

The primary source of locating leaks on the surface of your roof is to apply a temporary patch, whether you are a business owner or maintenance manager who wants to stop leaks during a rainstorm. These temporary patches are produced in most hardware stores with the asphalt base and roof sealant.

In order to apply the patch, First, you need to find the approximate area on the roof where the leak is coming from inside. Then you need to walk up to your roof safely and find spots inside the roof. From there, you should walk on the roof and find possible weak spots in pipes, flashings, seams, and general punctures.  When the leaky area is located, apply the patches yourself or call a professional in eavestrough repair in Hamilton.

Long Term Damage from Roof Leaks

The harm caused by a persistent roof leak is even more harmful than you might expect. The regular penetration of water further damages the roof surface. The more it continues, the more expensive it becomes. This is a problem that can get worse with the passing time.

When the roof surface feels soft to go on, almost like a carpet, it means it is completely damaged by water. When the roof is soft, or when you walk on it, these are signs that call for a replacement.

Roof leaks may cause damage to the roof isolation between the ceiling and the roof itself. Water is trapped in the isolation layer and evaporates slowly, causing widespread mold growth.

Roof Waterproofing Solutions

We offer a wide variety of solutions for commercial roof leaks. One of our successful short-term solutions is to identify and seal surface leaks. This is valid only if you detect leaks at an early point, it can stop leaks so for around a year. This is generally a good option for roofs that have only one or two minor leaks.

We suggest complete roof restoration if your roof is more extensive and close to 5 or 10 leaks. In order to repair existing leaks and avoid them from coming back for years, coat and reinforce the roof.

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