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5 Benefits of Installing a Concrete Driveway

Do you have an old driveway that needs replacement or you’re about building your custom home and are considering a concrete driveway? If yes, then this article is specifically for you. Concrete driveways are some of the oldest and popular driveways in the country because it is eco-friendly and has a high curb appeal. Old driveways can lose curb appeal because of potholes, cracks and severe wear and tear. To avoid this, you should build a new concrete driveway, and this article will be expanding on why a concrete driveway is the best option for you.

1. Good durability

With regular driveway concrete restoration waverly ne and a proper installation by a professional, your concrete driveway should still be okay for 30 years after installation. While concrete driveways are more expensive, this high price is compensated for by its durability. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, has high-resistant against cracks and disintegration. Most of these benefits can be ascribed to the installation company. While some companies just install, we make sure that your concrete driveway is fortified with necessary features it requires to reach old age.

2. Cooler

Concrete keeps your driveway cool all through the summer while asphalt burns up. The cool temperature is good for your cars and your barefoot. Jumping out of your car after a long day at work without a footwear can be painful, unless you’re stepping on concrete. Concrete stays cool by absorbing less UV radiation from the sun. While we’re focused on energy, let’s jump into energy-saving. With concrete, your lighting requirements drastically plummets. This reduces the energy bills while reflecting just enough light.

3. Low maintenance

While concrete is praised for its amazing durability, it is also a low maintenance investment. Apart from emergency repairs, concrete driveways need only 1 application of concrete once a year. Also, if your driveway construction is handled by a professional, then it’d have contraction joints and penetrating sealers. These helps to keep your driveway in perfect condition year-in year-out.

4. Higher curb appeal

Would concrete sent by concrete delivery newark nj enhance my curb appeal? Yes. Concrete driveways come in a variety of colors, the most common being light gray. However, homeowners can go for black or any color that appeals to their exterior home design.

5. Can withstand high foot and vehicle traffic

Concrete is a solid material that can withstand heavy loads like trucks and unprecedented foot traffic.

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