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3 Advantages of A Keyless Entry System for Your Garage

Providing access to your car, other items stored there and even your home, securing your garage sufficiently, is really important; an insecure garage will be an instant target for criminals and thieves, and having a key to open and close it, is just one more thing for security conscious homeowners to worry about.

So, what’s the alternative?

Keyless garage door systems that use a keypad are a great way of helping to make your garage more secure, and here’s 3 reasons why:

  1. Simply change the code if you’re at all suspicious

With a lost or stolen garage key, there’s a longwinded and often expensive process involved to get a new key made, not to mention the expense of changing the locks should you choose to. With a keyless garage entry system however, if you suspect that someone may have your code, you can simply change it in a matter of seconds. Note that some keyless entry systems have rolling codes that change frequently, making it virtually impossible for criminals to use a code to gain entry.

  1. There are no keys to lose!

While it might seem too obvious to mention, without a key, the problem of a lost or stolen key is eliminated! Provided you know the code to open your garage, you’ll be able to access it whenever you want, while criminals will not.

  1. The option of temporary codes

Some keyless garage doors opening systems have a fantastic option that enables you to set a temporary code on your garage door keypad that will only work for a specified amount of time that you’ve set, and will cease functioning immediately once that pre-set time has expired. This feature is really useful if a package is going to be delivered when you’re not at home, for example, and means that by sharing the temporary code with the delivery

person, they can safely and securely leave your package locked away, where opportunistic, criminal eyes won’t spot it. Or if a friend or relative is visiting and you want to let them into your home while you’re at work, you can easily do so.

So convenient, and ultra-secure, keyless garage door opener systems are the future of garage security, and if you’d like to ramp up the security of your garage, talk to your local locksmith and garage door specialist today.

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