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What to Think About When Shopping for Flush Mount Lighting Fixtures

Flush mount lighting fixtures are a popular kind of ceiling fixture. They are available in a lot of designs, finishes, and shapes as well as have specific functions. When you shop for these fixtures, you must pick them based on the size of the room and the material and design of the fixture. The kind of lighting fixture you pick should depend on the room’s area and its overall style. A full-mount lighting fixture is perfect for smaller spaces and low ceilings. To choose the best design and functionality for your flush-mouth lighting fixture, get it from a Union Lighting shop. This is where you can choose from a myriad of style options. 

Flush Mount vs Semi-Flush Fixtures

These lighting fixtures are directly mounted to the ceiling, offering greater ceiling clearance. They can blend in more with your ceiling but they can be a great decorative feature when installed properly. 

Meanwhile, semi-flush-mount lighting fixtures offer more illumination than their flush-mount counterparts. They are suspended, which leaves a small gap between them and the ceiling. With this gap, an uplift effect is created while offering a direct downward light. Semi-flush mounts produce an ambient light effect that is better than that of flush-mount fixtures. They are usually used in living spaces.

Which Option to Choose

Whether you choose flush mount fixtures or semi-flush mount fixtures depends on your taste and proportional considerations. Here are tips that can guide you when making your choice:

  • Think about your style and purpose. Do you love conventional lighting or are drawn to modern ceiling light fixtures? Flush light fixtures can come in classic, retro, whimsical, and modern styles and designs. Decide your style and find the fixtures that complement it.
  • Size up correctly. No matter where the lighting fixture will go, you must size up correctly to ensure the room gets the desired illumination or decorative effect. Take your time measuring the room or hallway and find fixtures that fit. Also, ensure you won’t have a problem with electrical code restrictions when it comes to your chosen location. 
  • Consider the height. You need to take into account the height at which the light will be installed. Consider both the height of the ceiling and the people who live in your house. For ceilings that are lower than 90 inches, a flush mount fixture is a great choice since it takes less ceiling height and space. Both flush and semi-flush mount lighting fixtures must not be utilized in houses that have 20-foot or cathedral ceilings as they won’t give enough lighting. 

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