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True Or False: How Well Do You Know Your Air Conditioning Systems?

Only a few household owners and consumers buying an air conditioning unit know the nitty gritty of their home appliance. They aren’t that familiar and knowledgeable with distinguishing any warning sign that may lead to needing an aircon repair in Singapore. Almost 70% of the population only knows how to clean it, turn it on, and operate it but doesn’t entirely know their home’s HVAC system on a deeper level.

POP QUIZ TIME! To help test your knowledge about your air conditioning unit and learn when aircon maintenance in Singapore may be necessary, take this quick true-or-false quiz.

1. Regularly changing the air filters of your HVAC system is a crucial step.

TRUE. Generally, consider asking your aircon contractor or technician in Singapore to change your filters at least every three to four months of use. And if you could switch to High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, go and do so, as these can theoretically eliminate at least 99.97% of any airborne contaminants, such as dust, mould, pollen, and bacteria.

2. Having an annual HVAC inspection done is a total waste of time, energy, and money.

FALSE. First, servicing is a regular habit any household owner should practise. Second, an air conditioning repair naperville il contractor or a technician will do the hustle and work for you, so there will be no wasted time and energy. Lastly, regular inspection services may be necessary to determine whether your system has flaws or potential ones.

3. Blowing out of warm air is ordinary with HVAC systems.

FALSE. If your aircon starts releasing warm air from its vents, check the thermostat and consider switching it to cooling mode or setting it at a lower temperature. If the unit still blows warm air, you may require an aircon repair in Singapore.

4. Your HVAC thermostat can absolutely influence your energy consumption.

TRUE. Unfortunately, the primary reason for high electric bills is your HVAC thermostat. If you do not have a programmable thermostat, you may want to consider investing in one, as this can keep your energy usage to a minimum. Ask your aircon contractor in Singapore to set it right before your arrival.

5. Bad odours are just because of my sweat! It’s no big deal.

FALSE. If you ever smell unpleasant odours from your air conditioning system, it is time for an aircon repair service in Singapore! The more foul the scent is, the more serious the problem can be.

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