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Personalizing Bedroom Décor Through A Photo Blanket 

One of the ways to personalize the bedroom and make it your sanctuary from the world is to use photo blankets inspired by your most memorable family pictures. Your blankets can display a full range of true-to-life reproductions of your favorite images in stunning vibrant colors. You can watch photo blanket reviews on YouTube that discuss the selection of the customized blankets based on picture clarity, comfort, and quality. 

Tracing the history of photo blankets

The history of photo blankets is nearly as old as the history of clothing itself. For centuries, people have been using blankets to tell a story, honor the deceased, and as a popular form of art. Colored threads including threads made from gold were weaved by the Egyptians on fabric to form images of multiple gods of their culture. Another popular technique is the use of ink and dyes on papyrus cloth to create pictures that could tell a story. In Indonesia and Africa, tribes use dye and a resist technique called batik to produce intricate patterns and images to express their cultural values. Histories and myths were usually conveyed by weaving pictures on clothes and blankets. 

Today, modern techniques have used the make the production of photo blankets more efficient. Instead of weaving yarns together, digital software is used to scan a picture and create a pattern on ultra-soft polar fleece. Dye sublimation process is used to force the ink into the fabric fibers so that colors will be superbly vivid and long-lasting. While the primary goal of telling a story has remained, photo blankets nowadays display memories and meaningful photos that can be used for home décor or simply a blanket to cuddle up to for warmth. 

How to choose images for the photo blanket

One of the popular ways to add character to a room is by hanging family photos or watercolor paintings. To change the mood, a new coat of paint is usually the least expensive option. However, if the bedroom is painted in blues and greens, it will be unwise to use a photo of yourself wearing a red dress because it will clash with the room’s calming mood. From the photo album, choose a photo that will complement the bedroom’s vibes to be reproduced or scanned for the photo blanket. 

The goal of using a photo blanket as the decor is to make the bedroom a personal space. You won’t achieve the goal if you use a 1999 photograph of a family reunion with distant relatives. You can choose photographs of your family members that you have a close bond with like your parents, grandparents. spouse or siblings. If you want your own photograph to be scanned into a piece of soft fabric, choose something where you look your best. This way, you won’t regret seeing your photograph on the blanket. 

You can get ideas from photo blanket reviews on YouTube for unique gifts to yourself, your friends, or loved ones. Photo blankets are perfect gifts that are inexpensive and long-lasting. They are beautiful works of art that offer unbeatable comfort and coziness. 

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