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Choose Your Much Chosen Dining chairs

Comfortable, designer, colorful or sober, mismatched or plain, choosing dining room chairs is no easy task.

Dining chairs often in plain sight, are an integral part of the decor and ambiance of your dining room. Choosing them carefully, reconciling comfort and design is essential: follow our guide to find out how to choose your brand new chairs for your dining room!

Choose dining chairs

A true decorative element in its own right, the dining room chair is no longer an upholstery hidden behind our tables . It is the decorative and trendy element that will make your dining room this chic and cozy room, the one that will make you have a perfect dinner or lunch every time (how sad you will be to have lunch or dinner on uncomfortable chairs) ! 

What back height should you choose for your dining room chairs?

Going to work in the kitchen, ordering a good meal, or even just having a chef at home one evening and ruining everything because your dining room chairs aren’t comfortable, what a bummer.The dining room is a place to receive, where conviviality manifests itself, do not offer your guests the experience of discomfort.In the comfort criteria of a chair, the first element to take into account is of course the height of the backrest, the higher the backrest of your dining room chair the backrest, the more comfortable the seat.

A high enough seat back will also give a more classic and plush side to the scenography of your decoration. If, however, you use your dining room little, or for meals that you do not want eternal, chairs with a low back are lighter in comfort but are undoubtedly more modern and contemporary giving a more refined style to the dining room, and also adapting better to small spaces.

The height of the backrest is therefore to be chosen according to 3 criteria:

  • The size of your dining room: large files for large spaces and small files for small dining room rooms.
  • The regular use or not of these dining room chairs.
  • The time you like to spend at the table.

Which seat height to choose for your dining room chairs? With a high back or a low back?

To be comfortable on dining room chairs, the height of the seat (the height at which you will be sitting in short) also comes into play. With a “classic” dining table height of around 75 cm high, the ideal seat height is on average around 45 cm. However, if you are very tall, you can choose a chair with a seat height of 42 or 43 cm. The rather high backrest therefore presents itself as the best alternative.If you are in this situation, do not hesitate to buy your chairs at the same time as your table to be sure not to go wrong!

Dining chairs, choose them with or without armrests?

To further increase comfort (if this is the criterion that is essential for you to buy dining room chairs), you can also opt for chairs with armrests.The armrests offer the advantage of a very comfortable seat, however you will put fewer chairs around your dining table.Also be careful to check that the armrests slide perfectly and smoothly under your table to offer an experience of total comfort to your guests (and yourself).


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