Ideas For Your New Summer House  


Having access to a summer house is a great luxury. They allow you to escape during the summer months into a cool and comfortable space with a refreshing drink and a good book. They can offer a cosy spot to watch films in the evening. And, they can even be turned into a private bar to entertain you and your friends. As many are now discovering, there are so many potential uses for a summer house and they can even be useful during the colder months too.

If you already have a summer house in your garden or you are thinking of buying one, whether for the utility of added property value, here are some of the most interesting and popular ideas for you to take inspiration from!

Little Library

Many avid readers will get set up their summer houses as a place to read. Typically, they will have their own reading nook, insulated walls and with good soundproofing to keep out the noise, and a stash of refreshments too. However, those with large book collections will also know just how easy they can take up space around the home.

With the right shelving, your summer house can be a year-round library and a great place to store, sort, and show-off your book collection!

Summer Cooking

Depending on the space you have, a summer house can become a great place to set up a second kitchen. Not only can they be used to cook for family and friends during the summer, or even as a place for your own supper clubs, they can also alleviate your home’s kitchen from bulky equipment, such as dehydrators and smokers.

Room for Plants

Millennials, it seems, are a plant-obsessed generation. Although, not all others are immune. If you are one of the many who find themselves repotting new plants each week and with a window obscured by hanging plants, you may benefit from a room dedicated to your home jungle.

Keeping your plants and growing equipment in a summer house means that you can more easily have control over their humidity and growing environment, allowing them to prosper. Plus, with the right design, it can be the best place for an Instagram photoshoot too.

Home Office

Most summer houses are purchased and built as a place to relax. However, you shouldn’t let this limit your decisions. If you are a remote worker or have your own business operation from within your home, a private office can be a huge benefit.

Removed from your personal living space but never too far from the kettle, a summer house can make an ideal office. Just be sure to remember the insulation for winter months, and that the WiFi reaches too!

Music Studio

Want to start taking your music seriously? A summer house can easily be converted into a private recording studio, making for a great place for you to practise your instrument and create your music.

You’ll need to make sure it is properly soundproofed for the sake of the neighbours, but it’s now more common to find music rooms in gardens than ever. And the space isn’t just limited to music production either. If you have any other budding hobbies, the extra room will be ideal to support them!

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