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How to select rugs of kids bedrooms

It has always been exciting and a little difficult to buy a rug for kids’ bedrooms. Kids have always a careless attitude towards the use of rugs. At the same time one can find out a number of items like crusty play dough, furniture, pets, play forts and hot wheel cars etc. Continuous rough use of these items enhance the chances of deteriorating rugs inside the kids rooms. Unlike normal selection of rugs, one should keep in mind some special factors while buying rugs for kids’ bedrooms.

Majority of houses have kids bedrooms and parents really want to decorate and furnish under their budgetary capacity. Kids feel comfort and gentle feelings when they have rugs in their bedrooms. Some children also keep pets and they sleep on these soft rugs as well. Types and material used in these rugs are the same but the only one thing which differs is its size. Bedrooms of kids are small in size and relatively need a short size of rug. Buying a rug is a long term investment whether it is for any section of the house. Therefore, it is obligatory to keep the below factors in view while buying rugs for kids’ bedrooms.


Bedrooms under the use of kids normally small in size. They do not have queen and king size beds, so keep aside thinking of gigantic size rugs from mind. Prior to purchasing these rugs, scale up the area of the bedroom, so as to find the exact required size of rug. Fitting in these bedrooms mostly is of two types, one is covering the complete area under the bed with rug and second one is two – third method in which at least 18 to 24 inches of rug is fitted on both sides of the bed as well as on the end.

Material Used in Rugs:

There are various materials available when it comes to choosing the material of rug used in kids’ bedrooms, but to select the best one is most important. A person should look for material resilience to wear and tear and easy to clean. Some of the ideal materials for rugs are wool, polyester and cotton. Wool rugs are plush, soft and stand the test of time so buying will be a rational decision for kids’ bedrooms.


 Most parents love to have polyester rugs due to its easy to clean, affordable and medium thickness features. Tons of varieties in colors and patterns are found here. Cheaper polyester rugs can fray and fade and are of low quality, while expensive one yield good quality and can retain for a long time. To add extra texture, it can be layered up on the top of the jute and cotton rugs.

Avoided Materials:

There are some materials which require a high level of maintenance and are not easy to clean. Such materials should be avoided to use in kids bedrooms. They are faux furs and steering clear of sill.


Without ignoring the safety aspect of rugs for kids’ bedrooms the discussion will be incomplete. Slippery rugs can cause major injuries to children as they walk carelessly and chances of slipping remains high anytime. Similarly, buying fire resistant rugs for kid bedrooms should be encouraged. Sellers offer a free rug pad with Natural Area Rugs with every purchase.


The procedure or mechanism of making rugs is known as weaving. Higher the level of tightness of weave, better will be the quality of rugs. As kids are mostly naughty and careless behavior, therefore they should have nice tight weave. Loosely tight woven results in the quick deterioration of rugs. Examples of nice tight weave are Tufted, Flat woven, and Machine-Made rugs. Flat weave is mostly recommended by the experts for kids bedrooms because they provide a nice warm spot to play despite remaining flat.

The outcome of the above discussion reveals that having rugs in kids bedrooms provide better look and comfort for kids, however, during buying, customers must look for some specific features. Persuading above said features may yield best quality rugs which may last for a longer time.


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