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A Few Dos and Don’ts To Remember While Repairing Drywall

Laying drywalls is a very skillful job and it may take a few months to properly understand it and then need years to master it. Certainly, it is not that easy job, and for building a very strong interiors for the walls and ceilings, it is very important. 

An amateur can often end up doing plenty of mistakes while laying drywall. Usually, most people can make similar mistakes while they will apply drywall and in the end, it comes out as a messy and poor finish.

For any kind of Mississauga drywall repair and installation work, you must contact a professional service provider like Patchboyz Inc. who has got plenty of experience in drywall installation and repairs.

The following are a few do’s and don’ts that you must remember whenever you are engaged in any repair, installation, or any other activities concerning your drywall.

The Do's and Don'ts of Ceiling Repair


  • Use always the right stuff

Whenever you are repairing or installing your dry walls then make sure that you use the right quality of the material. While filling the holes always use adhesive of good quality.

  • Remember that neatness count

Try to use a better box cutter or sharp blade while cutting the random tape strands or frayed edges. Make sure that your finished work should not show any bumps and blemishes.

  • Keep it light

Any thin coat can be easily sanded. Hold your knife at a 70° angle, and press harder on your outer edges of mud while you move out from the center.

  • Use protection

The drywall compound’s fine particulate may injure your lungs and hence wear masks while sanding. Also, use disposable gloves for protecting your hands from gypsum dust. 

  • Take notice of electrical and plumbing lines

Take care of piping and electrical cords that are feeding through the walls. You may accidentally hit any wire or break any pipe causing more headache for you 


  • Waste time

Prefer to use pre-made products that are so designed that your task becomes easy and faster. Don’t waste too much time while working on each area while repairing/installing.

  • Skimp on sanding

Don’t try to cut corners while sanding, otherwise, your repaired sites will be easily noticeable, afterwords. Once your repaired area gets dry, then use any fine-grit sandpaper. Do the sanding properly to smoothen it out.

  • Forget to inspect

Do you think that you are done? It is never so fast! You must run your hands on the repaired surface to ensure that you feel it smooth. Also, try to inspect closely by putting your temple against the wall, and look for any humps where you may need more sanding.

  • Quick patch kit

Avoid going for any quick patch kits. Though they will cover your area, they may not last as long as your drywall compound. First, use it as a temporary fix, then go back to fix it properly.

By following the above dos and don’ts you can get a better finish of your drywall. You must rather take the help of any pro rather than doing it all yourself.

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